Zhang Yimou "the Great Wall" conference play "sweetheart guard Lieutenant Yu Xin Tian – Yu Xin Tian Yu Xin Tian red carpet entertainment Sohu with director Zhang Yimou Sohu entertainment news November 15th, directed by Zhang Yimou, the magic 3D action blockbuster" the Great Wall "conference held in Beijing, the film by film, music studios, legendary pictures, Universal Pictures, CO produced, all produced in Hollywood Zhang Yimou Tian Jing, director of the team, with Luhan Lin update, Huang Xuan and 90 new generation actress Yu Xintian full debut. In the conference site, director Zhang Yimou’s "crane", "bear", "tiger", "Eagle" no more than a shadow army, Xin Tian black fashion dress small ceremony red carpet, naughty, cool yet sweet, in female than in Xin Tian adjutant, valiant and heroic in bearing gorgeous "sweetheart guard", stunning the audience. According to reports, Zhang Yimou, director of the "red team" has the most stringent requirement is that she can do "invisible light, landing lightly", Yu Xin Tian to play this role, when selected began a half secret training Zhang, because before there is no foundation in martial arts, so need more than others much effort, hard heart Tim also received the crew affirmation, finally successfully completed on the set of Zhang Yimou’s action request. Yu Xin Tian said, finished the last shot, see the director and crew of expression of satisfaction, is his most happy thing. Yu Xintian "the Great Wall" as the conference site filming "the Great Wall" is the first time I Xin Tian and co director Zhang Yimou, said the first time Zhang Yimou saw very nervous when the director, but Zhang was personally encouraged her, and she shared his experience before filming, to ease the atmosphere, complete the audition in a pleasant conversation. Yu Xin Tian said: "very happy with Zhang Yimou and this outstanding team of Hollywood director and actors predecessors cooperation so good is a very lucky and happy thing, as a newcomer and also learned a lot"! Yu Xintian was in "my life had been burning for you", "the most beautiful" featuring a woman but at the meeting, in the hit drama network "this year I sleep in the upper brothers" starring, full of vitality, cute, attracted netizens love. The conference "generals" with seats, "sweetheart" escort "Yu Xin Tian to crane towering", let us look forward to the December 16th release of "the Great Wall"!相关的主题文章: