Zhang Yishan apologized for uncivilized behavior: sincere apology after drinking Zhang Yishan apologised for uncivilized behavior: sincere apology does not explain the Tencent entertainment news on September 8th, Zhang Yishan was exposed and friends, had performed together "families with children" Sheng Guansen Street kissing, the whole process of being photographed, scared a lot of loyal fans. Zhang Yishan issued an apology in the evening micro-blog, saying that because the day is too happy to drink too much lead to some trouble, sincere apology. Zhang Yishan recently busy filming the day before a rare return to Beijing, he appeared in a small alley lived, was also invited to the orchestra "families with children", with the former child actor buddy Sheng Guansen, two people meet like a road from the afternoon to drink until 2 in the morning, then seems to be playing he hooked his neck, direct friends on the road, street kissing each other, Zhang Yishan finally even in roadside pee Tuoku behavior disorder, so fans are scared silly. 8 evening, Zhang Yishan update micro-blog, and friends for the time of the uncivilized behavior to apologize, he wrote, sincere apology, do not explain. I’m sorry, I’m a little jet lag in russia. The day did drink piece children, see no see two years of college students, I this present is too excited, a little too much. To recruit black brothers keyboard, sorry. Also added to the block, and later drink less. A small step forward, a big step in civilization. Try to be appropriate for travel, "go out playing the way, string line and wear a suit. Hereby apologize".相关的主题文章: