Zong Ning: electricity supplier heyday, the emergence of new vertical opportunities – Sohu technology electricity supplier’s biggest festival eleven in the past, Tmall’s turnover of more than 120 billion of the record again. Of course, the double eleven is created by Tmall, but is now an electricity supplier of the whole industry sales holiday, Tmall businesses also show a growth, a lot of signs that many vertical electricity supplier in the field of machine, started a new opportunity. The electricity supplier change, from the vertical to the user China vertical electricity supplier two giant is Ali and Ali after the Jingdong, and Jingdong, in fact, there is still a second tier, including vip.com, mogujie.com, and suning.com are babe network performance is also good, everyone found the value in their own field, but vip.com and suning.com tends to be stable, and some new business is pushy, such as babe network in recent years is the rapid development, so that industry concentration to a certain extent, but also in the birth of new opportunities. Babe network can be said to be a business in recent years, just before vip.com light, did not get enough attention. This appears to be the maternal electricity supplier enterprises in the two years to do sales over four billion, if this year the billion target, then more than the development speed of vip.com, and even more than the development speed of the Jingdong. It is a new phenomenon worthy of attention, the double eleven, babe network non maternal goods than usual sales jumped more than 20 times, 85% of the transaction from the non-standard products, 95% of the transaction from the mobile terminal, and the babe network contrarian rise to verify their different vertical logic, namely around the mother crowd create mobile shopping entrance. Analysys think mother crowd holds more than 80% of the family shopping decisions, good service that people will be able to find new export business, babe network Zhang Lianglun think behind every mother stands for a family, their shopping needs from mother to child extends to himself and his family, hope babe network good service in this part of the population, to get new opportunities. The eleven non baby category growth also let babe network "mother noticed economy". From the maternal electricity supplier to the platform electricity supplier, the two decision contributing to new opportunities for a babe network to see the name to know is the maternal electricity supplier, in fact, this is true, the company is starting from the vertical maternal electricity supplier do together. In fact, Chinese do maternal electricity suppliers are also many, why can babe network in today also continue to maintain growth and even got into the business of the second camp? I think there are two reasons, first, to seize the mobile bonus babe network. From the beginning, babe network is the mobile end shopping mall, and not waste too much energy on the PC side, which in three years ago is still very advanced. The blank grasp, make babe network grab the mobile Internet dividends, while the other platform is in the transformation of the mobile terminal, the trouble. The starting point of babe network is also very accurate, the main electricity supplier mother, the choice of non-standard products, even eleven pairs of data, we can also see that the non-standard products accounted for 85% of the share. Selection of non-standard products is essential, after the vertical electricity supplier, such as cross-border electricity supplier competition.相关的主题文章: