Zoo homemade policy for insurance who claims to provoke controversy Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The zoo made "policy for insurance" who claims the controversial Song Wenjuan "7, 23" Beijing Badaling wild animal world tiger casualties caused by tourists has been over the past two months, although the incident investigation results have been published related to the investigation group, but so far, the case after the compensation and insurance claims the public still do not know. After the tiger wounding incident, Badaling wildlife world self insurance card for the practice of the policy was questioned. In addition, the accident insurance does not pay off the insurance sector has also caused concern, individual companies even deliberately stressed in the accident insurance sales, animal bites belong to the insurance liability. Security card for accident insurance policy? After a month of rectification, August 25th Badaling wild animal world re opened its doors. Recently, security in the admission ticket window to see the sale of 5 yuan a card. Tickets 90 yuan, insurance 5 yuan, a total of $95." Ticket window staff said. Before the tiger wounding incident, there have been media reports of Badaling wildlife world to sell the security card does not belong to the insurance company’s products. The author found that the security card sold back is blank, is printed with: in order to protect the majority of tourists in the park play the safety, safety management measures for the implementation of real name system for visitors each a card, please hold the cards of visitors to the park for a formal reception department security documents, not for tourists to this document the same security card need to provide a valid ID card and valid identity card number, electronic documents limit when the Japanese garden, the park is invalid. There is no name of the insurance company on the security card, but not the amount of insurance, insurance and other key words. In accordance with the security card tips, visitors need to park reception with identity cards in exchange for formal insurance documents. At the reception, the official policy for the ID card, the policy content is the insurance of Chinese travel within the travel accident insurance Peoples Insurance Company of China: China travel within the travel accident insurance clauses (2009 Edition), the amount of 100 thousand yuan; additional Hua Xia travel within the travel medical insurance clauses, the insured amount 20 thousand yuan; additional limit or extend the contract regional insurance clauses (2009 Edition), the amount of 0 yuan. Premium 5 yuan. Print the policy, the staff recovered the security card, that is, policy for insurance". For the safety and security of Badaling wild animal card claimed "for visitors to the document failed to access to the same security" is authentic? To this end, the author did not receive a formal policy for the security card information and the other in exchange for a formal policy information call People’s Insurance Company of China 95518 customer service phone. For the security card information is not in exchange for a formal policy, customer service, according to the information reflected in the security card is also effective. But when I mention相关的主题文章: